Innovative Solution

With its smart designed and robust Ultra Flat Overrunable robot platform UFO and its new driving robot, Humanetics Austria offers the perfect equipment for efficient development and testing of active safety systems.

Navigation & Control

iMAR Navigation is a worldwide leading provider of systems and solutions in inertial navigation, stabilization, guidance and control for all industrial, defense, geodetic, aviation, surveying and automotive applications.

True solid state lidar

XenomatiX is the first company to offer True solid state lidar sensors based on a multi-beam laser and risk-free, scalable semiconductor technology.


Intelligent Dynamic Sensing

XSENSOR enable product designers, clinicians, sports industry professionals and consumers to achieve the highest levels of comfort, safety and performance. Our customers universally rely on XSENSOR for accurate, reliable sensors, superior software tools and outstanding product support. Our complete product solutions are designed specifically to meet the needs of our end users.

Active ISSUE

2ND issue

Humanetics UFO micro and UFO nano 

officially  approved by Euro NCAP 


View of the Month

UFOmicro Introduction and Proving Ground

Take a look at the reason why we developed the UFOmicro active safety test platform and its performance on the Proving Ground. 


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